Getting a REAL job

It’s official, people. I’ve converted to the adult world and gotten a real job. Why, you might ask? Why would someone like me, someone who despises working a job you don’t love, who believes in following your dream no matter how stupid, who has an autoimmune disease that leaves me too tired to even keep … More Getting a REAL job

Two novels down!

Knight of the Hunted for its first 6 months 16 ebooks, 134 free ebooks, the equivalent of 32 copies read with KU, and 15 paperbacks. Child of the Outcast in its first month 4 ebooks and 5 paperbacks – Those are the amazing stats from my two novels so far! I’ve been super busy for … More Two novels down!

Creating a book on Createspace (A guide!)

Recently I’ve had some friends message me asking, “Hey, how doth one createth a book on yonder Createspace?” Never fear, fellow writers! A guide is within your sights! So without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide to making a book on Createspace! Before starting this guide, make a Createspace account, which is very simple and … More Creating a book on Createspace (A guide!)

Book Trailers!

I forgot to post this for the first book trailer I released, but today is the book trailer for Child of the Outcast!! I made it, and its awesome, and I rock. Child of the Outcast is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, Kobo, and Google Play! And, as always, you can … More Book Trailers!

Tell me what you really think <3

I got my first blogger review in, and she loved Knight of the Hunted! I’m so surprised that people say they find KOTH enthralling. It’s like I excelled at something on accident. Funny story. When I was knee deep in the first draft (first, only if you don’t count how many times I re-wrote … More Tell me what you really think ❤