My job is finally over! I finally have the time to read all the books I’ve been collecting at Goodwill, to finish my next novel, to clean my house, and to spend time with my new dog, Deyna! ┬áIsn’t she the cutest?? I’ve been wanting/needing a dog for months now, so earlier last week I … More Deyna

Getting a REAL job

It’s official, people. I’ve converted to the adult world and gotten a real job. Why, you might ask? Why would someone like me, someone who despises working a job you don’t love, who believes in following your dream no matter how stupid, who has an autoimmune disease that leaves me too tired to even keep … More Getting a REAL job

Two novels down!

Knight of the Hunted for its first 6 months 16 ebooks, 134 free ebooks, the equivalent of 32 copies read with KU, and 15 paperbacks. Child of the Outcast in its first month 4 ebooks and 5 paperbacks – Those are the amazing stats from my two novels so far! I’ve been super busy for … More Two novels down!

Creating a book on Createspace (A guide!)

Recently I’ve had some friends message me asking, “Hey, how doth one createth a book on yonder Createspace?” Never fear, fellow writers! A guide is within your sights! So without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide to making a book on Createspace! Before starting this guide, make a Createspace account, which is very simple and … More Creating a book on Createspace (A guide!)

Book Trailers!

I forgot to post this for the first book trailer I released, but today is the book trailer for Child of the Outcast!! I made it, and its awesome, and I rock. Child of the Outcast is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, Kobo, and Google Play! And, as always, you can … More Book Trailers!