Stress about stress

It’s getting closer to my first convention, and as usual, I’m stressing out! Normal people just stress and worry and they never get anywhere. Me, I’m stressing and thinking at the same time. I stress over whatever it is, and I think of something that will make me not stress as much. The source of … More Stress about stress

Changes abound!

I was sitting the other day overthinking, as I always do. And I thought to myself, Lizzie. Why did you use a book cover where the model looks nothing like your main character? Well, Lizzie, I liked the cover and I was too stressed out to care. Cool story, bro. So, are you still stressed? … More Changes abound!


My job is finally over! I finally have the time to read all the books I’ve been collecting at Goodwill, to finish my next novel, to clean my house, and to spend time with my new dog, Deyna! ┬áIsn’t she the cutest?? I’ve been wanting/needing a dog for months now, so earlier last week I … More Deyna

Getting a REAL job

It’s official, people. I’ve converted to the adult world and gotten a real job. Why, you might ask? Why would someone like me, someone who despises working a job you don’t love, who believes in following your dream no matter how stupid, who has an autoimmune disease that leaves me too tired to even keep … More Getting a REAL job