Twilight cleanse

I had a Twilight marathon yesterday. I do it every few months. It always feels like I’m doing a spa treatment or a food cleanse or something. Relaxing. Fun. And always, as soon as I’m done with my marathon, after I’ve convinced myself to not rewatch them, I have ideas for my novels. I immediately … More Twilight cleanse

Life is a circus

When I was growing up, I read these Christian mystery books about a girl named Mandie Shaw. They were annoying, and never really involved a real mystery, but I loved the idea of them. Many years ago, a friend showed me the movie “Freaks,” an old movie about a circus freak show filled with people … More Life is a circus

Pretty woman

Lisbeth is a fun character I’ve created. I read a lot of vampire novels, a lot, and one day I just looked over at my vast book collection and said, there’s none here about a female vampire. One that had been that way for a very long time, the way men vampires are portrayed. There’s … More Pretty woman

Over and over

I despise monotony. Doing the same thing every day, eating the same food, looking at the same walls. I have to have new. New furniture arrangement. A different menu. Seeing the inside of the grocery store instead of my house. Even if I don’t have the money, I’d rather go to the store every few … More Over and over

In a rut

I’ve been in a creative lull lately, which is in part to the fact that my SO got me the Nathan Drake ps4 last week, in addition to the set of the first three games. Everything about the Uncharted series is fascinating. Granted, I play it on Explorer difficulty, and I still manage to die … More In a rut