Little Library

I went to the park yesterday and was shown this little library! I’m not sure of the official term for them, but I’ve seen them on the internet for awhile and never saw one in person before. It was so interesting, all the books inside. I didn’t see any that I wanted, but I immediately … More Little Library


Its been brought to my attention that my novel could be seen as a Twilight fanfic, which makes me want to laugh! Yes, I had read Twilight when I started writing it, but it was never a fanfic, not even a little! It made me think about how people view creativity. I’m not exempt from … More Fanfic?


It’s finally that day. I’ve finally finished the draft of my novel, “Knight of the Hunted.” I’m so proud of myself. I’m proud of my characters for getting me there. I’m proud of my laptop for being a trooper. I’m sending it off on unsteady legs to my beta readers to finally get the feedback … More Completion