Castles and peasants

What’s that sweet smell? Its the fresh aroma of beta readers! I’m neck deep in friends that have volunteered to read my latest novel. Several have said they love it so far, and I’m eager to see what they decide when they’ve read the whole thing.

I’m already about a fourth into book two, and I’m itching to write book three.

Book three has a part that takes place in Cachtice Castle in Cachtice, Slovakia. I’m researching all about it and I just stare at the photos of that gorgeous plac and think to myself, man. I’d love to go there! I know someday I will!

I mean, look at this castle. Its so interesting. It reminds me of the capital of Rohan, how it moves up the hill. Its been uninhabited since the 1700’s and is now a rare plant preserve, which I would assume is because its been empty for so long there was no one to say, hey we should get rid of all these plants growing in the yard!

A beautiful and haunting place, and I hope I can capture it accurately in part three of my book series!

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