Dream With Me

I have three friends that I’ve considered my best friends for many years. That number used to be higher, but life happens, and now it’s three. I now think of them more like family than friends. They have all three played a role in who I am today, and I would like to send them … More Dream With Me

Please love me!!

Okay, I’m not desperate yet, as the title suggests lol but I am definitely ready to submit my novel to book bloggers for review. I found three I like and I sent them emails, which I’m sure they get all the time and are like omg why is this nobody bothering me. The problem is … More Please love me!!


When I was in college, I had free time because my friends had busier schedules than me so I just read every book in the Tudor period section of the library. I was only in college for about 18 months, and that entire time was spent just reading about the Tudor period. Mostly the non-fiction … More Innovation

Planning ahead

I deal with anxiety, among other things. I didn’t realize it for so long because I automatically try to work through it on my own. One of the things I do is look ahead. I write outlines, design covers, choose random pictures of models and actors to put a face to my characters. I know … More Planning ahead