Two novels down!

Knight of the Hunted for its first 6 months

16 ebooks, 134 free ebooks, the equivalent of 32 copies read with KU, and 15 paperbacks.

Child of the Outcast in its first month

4 ebooks and 5 paperbacks

Those are the amazing stats from my two novels so far! I’ve been super busy for the past month with the book release and the amazing FB party I threw yesterday with prizes and live chapter readings!

My website is set to launch in THREE days!! will soon be up and running!

It’s time to slow down and focus on my only task for the next six months: writing book three. I already have the title, the cover, and the entire plot planned out. If you’ve been reading my series, I guarantee you’ll love book three! Books four and five are equally amazing, but book three will be the end of Lisbeth’s specific journey. The last two in the series will be from two other perspectives.

I heard back from the agent and she very much so did not like The Grumpy Fairy, so much so that she included a letter with all the things she did not enjoy and said, “Normally I don’t encourage changes on books from a query letter but…..”

I won’t lie, I cried for days after receiving a letter that dashed all my hopes. I have this image in the back of my mind of someone seeing the potential of my story and saying, “She’s worth the effort.” I know that day will come.

For now, it’s time to keep writing!

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