Stress about stress

It’s getting closer to my first convention, and as usual, I’m stressing out! Normal people just stress and worry and they never get anywhere. Me, I’m stressing and thinking at the same time. I stress over whatever it is, and I think of something that will make me not stress as much.

The source of my stress was having a table at the convention that only has my four novels on it. I have bookmarks, buttons, and a little display shelf for the books, sure, but that was it. I pictured my table looking like a mouth with missing teeth, and it made me sad. All the author booths I’ve seen only had books and small little business cards or magnets, but those booths also had more than one author.

Then I thought, it’s so popular now to have merch that’s book related, like a candle based on the character or something like that. I searched Amazon for ideas, and I found some stuff I loved that would be book related, but also kind of different so people who don’t automatically see my books and want to run over to get my autograph will be like, oh that’s cool I want to see that booth.

I found these gems!! Incense called “Vampire blood,” “werewolves blood,” and “Dracula blood.” Syringe pens, and this awesome Magic the Gathering card called “Taste of Blood.” All of it would be reasonable to buy, and I can make a profit!

Any suggestions of more things I can sell at my booth? I’m planning on three conventions this year, so I have time to come up with stuff! I also have bookmarks and buttons with my book cover photos on them, and I’m getting business cards as well as magnets made!

It’s going to be a good convention ❤


      1. So this weekend was your second convention? It was nice meeting you too. I know a YA writer who goes to quite a few conventions selling her books. She has a series with four books. I play vintage base ball with her husband on a team in Farmers Branch. Her name is Tracy Lawson.

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