Cover Aesthetics

Being an author, it’s all about the way you present things.

The covers.

The blurb.

The advertisements.

Everything is about getting more readers excited about your work!

Keeping with that, I decided to re-design my Born Vampire series covers, just to see if I could come up with something more dynamic and fitting the genre. I whipped up a new set and posted it around Facebook asking for feedback, and got positive responses everywhere!

The files were updated and my ebook covers were changed before the day was out. I won’t be changing the paperback covers just yet, to make sure everyone can still get the original covers if they want a complete set, since there will be two more books in the series!!

And now the unveiling!!


Aren’t they beautiful?? I like them even better now. Look forward to the changes of the paperback editions to match my new ebook covers!!

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