As my most recent book, Ecrivain, has released, the story line has a few people scratching their head. Most importantly, they’re bothered, confused, and in disbelief over the main character’s parents.

Calliope’s parents are introduced in the novel as favoring her little brother Penny over Calliope. They let him do whatever he wants, while Calliope is constantly reprimanded for doing exactly the same things as him.

To make matters worse, once Calliope’s parents discover she has the dream of becoming a writer, they’re appalled, and they ship her off to boarding school as a punishment, making it clear they will not tolerate her writing at all.

While this behavior from someone’s parents might seem outlandish, unbelievable, and downright reaching, it happens. There are parents who don’t care about their child’s dreams, don’t support them, aren’t there for them. Just because someone is a parent, it doesn’t mean they want the best for their child. Sometimes they’re only interested in what they want for their child, and their child’s wishes are not considered.

There are also parents who mock their child’s dream. Tell their child it’ll never happen and to just give up and do something else. There are some who even deny their child the chance to chase their dreams.

The fact that my readers are having a hard time accepting this type of abuse as fact only spurs me on to highlight it further, so it is brought to light and shown that it exists. If one day a child picks up my book and sees a girl struggling to get what she wants exactly like them, then my job will be done.


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