It’s Grumpy time!

While doing my daily Amazon check to make sure all my books are fine (trust me, it’s not always the case), I remembered I have a blog!! Haha, funny how that happens! I get so wrapped up in my deadlines, custom book covers with my Pixie Covers business, I forget to do the social media aspect of, well, social media.

Recently my cover making has taken a leap in quality, and it got me to thinking.

When I first wrote “The Grumpy Fairy” I didn’t know how to make covers. I couldn’t afford to have one made. It was one bump in a very long road of cover issues that only recently have all been smoothed out. I found a free image (which I now know is a huge no-no) and I made a cover for it, published it, then left it alone.

Then, Grumpy Fairy became a series in my head of between 5-6 books. I couldn’t keep the current cover because there was only one image of that model. I poured over legit stock image sites like Shutterstock and Depositphotos for fairies, anything that looked like Drusinella, the way I saw her. I found a model that I loved, but she wasn’t a fairy, and I didn’t have the skills to make her into one, not to mention there weren’t the right bodies for it.

I accepted that I’d never have the covers that I wanted, and moved on, making instead some covers I thought would appeal to children, the target audience of Grumpy Fairy. I remade it again when the book stopped selling, still going with a cartoon aspect.

And then I decided to write the second Grumpy book. I set a deadline, which I barely made even after extending it as far as I could, and while in my writing bubble fueled by caffeine, I got to thinking. I’m an overthinker, I won’t lie about that, but I always explore thoughts in my head because sometimes they’re worth following.

I realized that now, two years after Grumpy was published, one year after I started making book covers professionally, that I finally had the skill to make real Grumpy Fairy covers, exactly the way I’d wanted them in the first place. I’d shoved that book so far away that I forgot it needed a glow-up too, and I could finally give it one.

Thus began a project that I started mid-writing session for “The Dragon Park” (Grumpy Fairy 2) that has since become one of my favorite creations. I created the body I needed and couldn’t find, and I used the head model that I’d originally fallen in love with, not to mention a background I’d been eyeing, all to create….

grumpy1 audiobook


Every time I look at it, I feel like crying. It’s exactly what I’d always pictured, and the best part is that I made that! I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of my skills as I am right now. Especially since that first act was followed by…


Gaaaaah!!!! I can’t get over it, it’s so gorgeous!

I ordered the first paperback of Dragon Park, and when I held it in my hands, admiring my work and the sheer perfection of my girl, I started crying.

Once these covers were done, I immediately made the third cover (no spoilers!) and wrote an outline for the rest of the series, with all the things I’ve been planning. I’m not sure when the third will be finished, but now I’m looking forward to finishing this series!!

Grab The Dragon Park today!

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