Coming back!

For the past several months I’ve been so busy as a cover designer I’ve been neglecting my own writing. As the next year approaches, I hope to have the time to finish my latest projects and publish my next book! I re-designed the Aero short story series covers, and I’m going to be re-writing them … More Coming back!

Cover Aesthetics

Being an author, it’s all about the way you present things. The covers. The blurb. The advertisements. Everything is about getting more readers excited about your work! Keeping with that, I decided to re-design my Born Vampire series covers, just to see if I could come up with something more dynamic and fitting the genre. … More Cover Aesthetics

Website is live!

I FINALLY have a website!! I used to have one but the site host randomly deleted my entire site, a bug which led them to nixing the site building feature all together. I let it stand for over a year because building a site is so much work, but I finally bit the bullet and … More Website is live!