Website is live!

I FINALLY have a website!! I used to have one but the site host randomly deleted my entire site, a bug which led them to nixing the site building feature all together. I let it stand for over a year because building a site is so much work, but I finally bit the bullet and … More Website is live!

How to Self-Publish your book!

Last year I made a blog post about how to publish your paperback book on Createspace ( and now I’m going to guide you through self-publishing your book!   First off, I’m going to assume you’ve finished the novel, you have sent it for a healthy round of edits with beta readers (or paid for … More How to Self-Publish your book!

Look, a distraction!

I’m a real scatterbrain. For serious, I forget almost everything except random history facts, and every episode of Star Trek TNG and Warehouse 13. Believe me when I say that when I planned on writing three books this year, I didn’t realize my brain would decide to use all processing power to work on all … More Look, a distraction!